St. George's Episcopal Church
Laguna Hills, California

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Become A Member




All are welcome in our parish family.  Everyone is invited to join us in passing on the life-giving love of Jesus.  As you strengthen your faith and your life in Christ, we invite you to actively engage as a member of St. George's, and to strengthen your connections in our community through:

REGULAR ATTENDANCE - We gather each Sunday to be nourished and sent into the world.  Being a member means making worship with your church family a regular part of your week.

FAITH FORMATION - God calls each of us to an ever-deepening sense of God's love and presence in our lives, relationships, and work.  To be a member of St. George's is to grow more fully into who God has called you to be.

SERVICE - We are called to join our faith to God's mission of reconciling the world.  Being a member means giving our lives in service for those in need, and transforming the unjust structures of the world.

GIVING - We are stewards of many God-given gifts.  Being a member means giving generously in response to God's goodness in our lives.  St. George's needs your financial pledge to support our shared mission.

INVITING - As a community, we exist not only for ourselves but for all those who do not yet have a faith community.  To be a member is to tell the story of St. George's and to invite others to join us.

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