St. George's Episcopal Church
Laguna Hills, California

Capital Campaign


St. George's R&R Capital Campaign

As a mission church we went to the Diocese and requested funds to repair the Hasler Hall Roof and the Bourne Hall Roof.  We were told that money is limited at this time and that a team headed by Bishop Diane Bruce would need time to combine all of the funding sources to truly know what help if any the Diocese could provide.  

We need to raise the funds to repair the two roofs before we get any significant rains so that additional wood damage does not occur.  Additionally we suspect that we will need to replace at least one air conditioner this summer as well as fix some items that have not been revealed.  The repairs that we are aware of include: Repairing the lamp on the far parking lot, replacing the cross on top of the church, fixing the stucco on the church, power washing and painting the church and grounds, fixing lighting inside and outside of the church and columbarium as well as upgrading our alarm system for Hasler Hall.

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What Funds Are Needed?

Rev Pat and the Bishop's Committee decided to conduct fund raisers and to launch a capital campaign to raise $100,000.  The capital campaign is currently on pause to focus on our annual pledge commitments for 2019. We will resume our campaign efforts in January 2019. We need to reach our overall goal so that we can replace our entire fire system in Hasler Hall.

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Results to Date?

As of October 22, 2018 we have raised the following:

Restricted                         $11,000

Unresticted                        $61,421

Total to Date                      $72,421