St. George's Episcopal Church
Laguna Hills, California

Capital Campaign


St. George's R&R Capital Campaign

We have raised $98,028 and have only $1,972 more to reach our goal of $100,000. Congratulation! We are truly almost there.

At the Diocean Convention we learned that the Diocese is projecting a budget deficit for 2019. So considering that there are mission churches that are hurting for funds to just stay open, we are among the fortunate ones.

Thanks to many of our parishoners, we were able to replace the unit 5 AC/Heating system on October 2, 2019. Unit 5 provided air and heating services to two pre-school classrooms and 3 tenant offices. The repairs that we are aware of include: Repairing the lamp on the far parking lot, replacing the cross on top of the church, fixing the stucco on the church, power washing and painting the church and grounds, fixing lighting inside and outside of the church and columbarium as well as upgrading our alarm system for Hasler Hall. Additionally, there are probably other repairs needed that we cannot just see at this time.

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What Funds Are Needed?

Rev Pat and the Bishop's Committee decided to conduct fund raisers and to launch a capital campaign to raise $100,000.  The capital campaign drive has been restarted to raise the additional money we need to upgrade our fire alarm system in Hasler Hall. We are almost there only $1,972 more to go and we know that our St. George community is up for the challenge. Our system is the original and parts are challenging to come by. Estimates for the upgrade (to current standards) range from $35,000 to $50,000. We were able to find a vendor (ADT/Protection 1) that will do the job for $20,000. We’ve made the down payment but are still in need of $9500 to complete the job. Currently we are going through the permitting process. The Hasler building houses 5 of our tenants and we have been able the keep all of the AC/Heating Units operable. The number five unit had to be replaced on October 2, 2019. Your HELP and PRAYERS are NEEDED!

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Results to Date?

As of October 1, 2019 we have raised the following:

Restricted                         $21,485

Unresticted                       $76,543

Total to Date                     $98,028