St. George's Episcopal Church
Laguna Hills, California



Where is St. George’s located?

We are conveniently located right off the I-5 South freeway exit at El Toro Road. Our street address is: 23802 Avenida de la Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some people dress up; some wear shorts and jeans. We say just come as you are because it is Jesus who invites you to come.

What time should I be there?

Unless we are having a special service, our Sunday worship times are 8AM & 10AM. Sunday School for children is also at 10AM; children return to church for communion.

Where do I Park?

We have special parking for the disabled, near the front of the church; just turn right into the driveway and follow the path to the end. There is ample parking in the back lot as well.

Where do I go for church? 

Someone will greet you almost immediately when you arrive at the campus; there are signs as well. Both can direct you to the sanctuary.

Where do my kids go for Sunday school?

Sunday School is at 10AM; as you proceed to the sanctuary you will pass a greeter at the Ministry Table who will direct you to Hammond Hall, where Sunday School is held. 

Can I take communion?

Yes. All are welcome to share the holy meal at St. George’s. The Holy Eucharist is our most powerful sign of Jesus Christ’s presence among us in the gathered community. It strengthens us for mission in the world. 

How do I take communion?

The ushers will direct you by coming to your pew and motioning you to the aisle. Just follow the person in front of you and the gestures of the ushers to go up front. You can choose to either stand or kneel to receive communion.

Cup your hands when a priest or lay eucharistic minister offers bread or wafers. The bread will be placed in your hands with words like“The Body of Christ, the Bread of Heaven.” 

You can choose to eat the wafer or to hold on to it if you want to dip it in the wine.

Help guide the cup to your mouth or dip the wafer in the wine. The second person will come with a chalice of wine. They will say, “the Blood of Christ, the Cup of Salvation.” 

You can sip from the chalice or dip your wafer in the wine. Either is normal and acceptable.

Some people will make the sign of the cross over the upper half of their bodies both before and after receiving communion, but it’s not required. Some people say ‘Amen’ after receiving each part of communion, but that’s not required either. 

You can take just the bread if you don’t want to receive wine. Communion is completeif you do one or both as we are receiving the Body of Christ into ourselves. 

After you’ve received communion, follow the gestures of the ushersto go back to your pew via the outside aisles of the church.

Can my kids take communion?

Yes. The Eucharist is a mystery to all,  and the bottom line is, we all need to be fed by Jesus Christ, young and old, so that we may feed others.

How do you get to serve in different roles in communion?

Just speak to a clergy person or an usher and let them know. We would love to train everyone to serve at the altar.

Why do you take an offering during worship?

We believe that everything we have is a gift from God and God’s love for us, our love for God, sparks a response, a desire to give back for all God has given us. This money contributes toward the mission of the church—God’s work—in the world to help others.

What usually happens after church?

After church the clergy typically greet everyone at the door. If you have questions about the church or worship, please let the clergy or an usher know.  No pressure, but we’d like to get to know you more fully. Sometimes there are meetings after church. And there is coffee hour.

What is coffee hour?

Members and visitors gather after church for coffee, refreshment and conversation. It is a great time for hospitality, and to connect with the St. George’s community.


              ALL ARE WELCOME                                                                                                                    MENU