St. George's Episcopal Church
Laguna Hills, California

Our Campus


Ours is a campus where spiritual tradition meets innovation and open-mindedness.  Our architecture, art and music combine in a celebration of our heritage of faith and a reflection of our dedication to community, beauty, generosity, renewal, and growth.  A vibrant mixture of buildings and green space, our campus echoes the beauty and grace of Southern California while providing spaces for worship, music, fellowship, reflection, education, celebration, prayer, service and more.

St. George's is a place where you can feel God's presence, love and grace surround you.  In addition to the sanctuary the campus includes Hasler Hall, home to three school tenants, Bourne Hall, our parish hall, the labyrinth and columbarium, Hammond Hall, and other space for children and for learning.

All are welcome in our sacred space, people of all faiths or no faith - no exceptions.

For information on our parish hall, Bourne Hall, click here.


Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-12pm



St. George's offers space for family and neighbors from our community.  Many local groups share our campus including:

  • 12-step Recovery Groups
  • Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America
  • Community Seedlings Preschool
  • Iglesia de Cristianos
  • Koguma Youchein Preschool
  • Japanese Language School
  • Laguna Indonesian Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Orange County Women's Chorus
  • Pathway School
  • Sweet Adelines

A number of other private groups and classes meet here too.

Interested in hosting a group or a class at St. George's?  Inquire here.

ACCESS FOR VISITORS WITH DISABILITIES - We are happy to offer wheelchair accessibility throughout our campus and listening assistance in the Sanctuary.

PARKING - We have designated handicapped parking near the church entrance; and designated guest parking elsewhere.  Parking is also available in the back lots.

THE SANCTUARY - The heart of our campus, our Sanctuary serves as the parish's central worship space and is used throughout the year fro Sunday worship services, weddings, memorial services, along with music concerts and other gatherings.  The architecture features graceful arches and high ceilings along with breathtaking mosaics which frame the altar and provide a uniquely inspiring backdrop for Sunday worship.

THE LABYRINTH - Located on the east section of the campus, our new Labyrinth serves to deepen lives in prayer, meditation, and solace.

THE COLUMBARIUM -  The Columbarium is a serene and meaningful place, adjacent to the labyrinth, where some saints of this parish have made their eternal home.  This beautiful, peaceful venue is open to regular visitation by loved ones.

To learn more about making the St. George's Columbarium the final resting place for you or someone you love, please contact the church office at (949) 837-4530.

WEDDINGS - What a gift it is to celebrate marriage between two individuals who have found each other and desire to make a public commitment to sharing their lives together in love.  Do you feel called to hold your wedding ceremony at St. George's?  If so, we invite you to worship with us and get to know us and our physical space so you feel comfortable and excited about hosting the start of your married life here.  For more information about hosting your wedding at St. George's, contact the church office at: (949) 837-4530.

SPECIAL SERVICES - St. George's observes and celebrates all of the sacraments of the church including: baptism, confirmation, marriage, reception, and memorial services/interments.  Share your life in faith with us.  For more info, call the church office at: (949) 837-4530.